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How to make Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion trends work for your brand aesthetic

Hey there creatives!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been thinking about this already for a long time. Regardless of the (still) beautiful summer weather we’re having you are probably gearing up for the autumn and either have some new product coming out, sales strategies for Q4 to put in place or a new marketing campaign to release. While you are probably prepped and ready, I really wanted to do a roundup of some of my favourite fashion trends for this Autumn and look at how they’ve been styled because it’s never too late for a small brand to drip some trend-driven items into the collection or look at how you can interpret some of the details within your existing collection.

This season, the more strokable the better! Knitwear is fluffy, cuddly and colourful. Think mohair, alpaca, and cashmere in playful brights, loose knits and oversized volumes. The overall ‘feel’ is playful, cosy and unrestrictive so if you’re a knitwear brand, do you have some styles that fit these criteria?

Maxi skirts just got even more extra! If you already have maxi skirts in your range, think about adding a few inches to the hem and making them even fuller for an impactful, dramatic effect.

Now corsetry isn’t for everyone and you may not have a place for it in your range but it is undeniable that it is having a moment. They can look great paired with an oversize shirt or as a co-ord with a cute pair of tweed shorts (tweed is also trending!). You don’t need to go full-on, rib-crushing corset either. You can use stretch fabrics for a simple strapless top or even knitwear to give a nod to this style and make it accessible to a wider audience. You could even use ruching to give a corset feel which brings me nicely on to…

Ruching and gathering can be used in sooo many different ways. It can give form and shape to fabrics to highlight curves (middle pic), be active sports-inspired with drawstrings and parachute-weight fabrics or be used to beautifully detail and give form to fabrics and mimic corsetry without having to breathe in all night! This is a great trend to play around with and make work for your personal brand aesthetic.

Now, I know it’s not easy adding a classic white shirt to your range. All the big brands have them and there maybe isn’t much you can add. But this trend just represents a classic, essential item that can be adapted to work with other key pieces and form a complete silhouette. Do you have a piece that can do this job in your range?

And to finish, two of my favourite accessories for this coming season, the combat boot and the chain bag. Again, I don’t expect you to have these items in your collection but they are a perfect representation of finishing off a silhouette. If you’re a footwear or accessories brand these, again, are classic styles that have been brought up to date through the use of colour, fabrics and hardware. Lots of monotone dressing and clothing fabrics through to accessories.

I hope this has given you some food for thought on how you can curate your collections for the coming season. Even if you are not following these trends, it’s always good to see how you can use them in your own way and reflect a sense of what is going on while still retaining your own aesthetic.

Let me know your thoughts below and speak very soon

Deedee xx