Below is a selection of just some of the projects the studio has worked on with a description of the project and the work collaborated on. If you would like to chat about working together on your project, hit the button below and let’s chat!


Project for LíS Studio

Lís Studio is a London-based petite women’s brand. We worked together on tech pack design & range planning, pattern cutting, and our VIP ‘done for you’ project management service.

Project for Phoenix

Phoenix is a French ready-to-wear, coat brand that combines timeless elegant pieces with practical sportswear details. We have an ongoing collaboration which involves each stage, design, development and production management.


Project for Granveymont

Granveymont is a French Alps-based trail running brand. We worked together over the course of a year on their collection design and range building, tech packs and in a consulting capacity.

Project for PRO 18

PRO 18 is a UK-based golfing brand. We worked together to create an ‘essentials’ collection. The work included a full design package and tech packs.