Hello there my chickaDees! I’m Andree Girard-Kemp, founder of The House of chickaDee Design studio. Very pleased to meet you!

After over 15 amazing years in the fashion industry, starting out as a junior designer and ending up as design manager of a well known sports/lifestyle brand, I knew (as I probably always had done, my Dad owned a business and my Mum owned a sweet shop!) that I wanted to own my own little company. Carve my own initials in the tree.

This became even more apparent once I had my children and had to spend weeks on end away from them as I travelled from Asia, to the States, all over Europe and back round again more times during the year than was good for any of us. It was full on and stressful and I missed my family. I decided I didn’t want to be away for the wonder years.

In 2014 I took the bull by the horns, left my position as design manager from the company that had looked after me so well and embarked on this crazy journey of ‘being my own boss’.

I knew I wanted to create a small but lovely brand and I wanted to do it on my own terms. I had become increasingly passionate about slow fashion, ethically sourced materials, locally made products. My love of vintage also knows no bounds and above all, I wanted to make women feel special and included.


And so I founded The House of chickaDee (so called as this is my term of endearment for my children, my friends call me DeeDee and a creature called Puff ‘n’ stuff, yep.) creating limited edition, retro inspired clothing for women. This includes customer orders and commissions and I often work with private clients designing the perfect wardrobe for them and their lifestyle.


But being a bit ‘gourmand’, I also wanted to indulge my other passions, which were centered around creative design in all its forms and helping others achieve their own business dreams. The House of chickaDee has evolved into a design studio, which comprises the clothing brand, creative design workshops/events and a fashion design, development and consultancy agency. I know, I said I like to have my fingers in a few pies 😉 But these pies all fit together perfectly and compliment each other. They’re not just any old random pies!

sewing image blog
sample making process for my clothing brand
Where I can be found plotting and scheming and working remotely for other brands
Creative pompom crown workshop

This website encompasses all aspects of the studio. Just click on the relevant link and you will be taken to the section that you are interested in. I would recommend having a look at all sections though as they are all rather lovely.

British/Liverpool born and bred, I now live in the beautiful French Basque country with my French Basque husband, two Anglo Basque kids and our rescue cat Stevie-named after Steven Gerrard the Liverpool footballer. Blame the kids not me!!


The blog section is where I get personal on the BTS of running a business and bringing up a family in a country that is not my own but that has now adopted me, and all the shenanigans that go with. And there are many, believe me!

Welcome welcome, enjoy the visit and pop me a message about anything you need help with. I’m all ears. X