Hi, I’m Deedee-a fashion designer and brand consultant, supporting established brands and startups to launch, flourish and grow.

Now, more than ever, smaller independent brands will be leading the way and blazing a trail. I work with designers and brand owners – wherever you are on your journey or however much or little prior knowledge of the industry you have- sharing my knowledge as a consultant or my skills as a designer to help you create, develop and launch your clothing line and develop your brand. With my 15+ years of experience in design, management and consulting, I will help you take your ideas from initial concepts right through to production.

Deedee is absolutely fantastic. As a complete newbie to fashion and design, it was great to work with someone who knows her craft so well. Deedee was incredibly responsive and an absolute dream to work with. Would highly recommend and would definitely use her services again! Thank you so so much!

Tricia “Last Born” London GB