Ready to start or scale your fashion brand? You’re in the right place!

Welcome to my creative hub where together we will bring your brand ideas to life. The studio offers coaching packages along with end-to-end, design-to-production solutions, developing successful collections, implementing critical planning, organizing and guiding clients throughout the creative development and manufacturing process.

Working with startups, and small and medium-sized brands, we are a multi-product fashion design studio with an excellent tech support team offering a complete, professional service which will meet you where you’re at.

With 15+ years of experience as head of fashion design & development for global brands, my goal is to give you confidence and clarity around your ideas, and link you with the best possible suppliers to create a commercially viable collection whilst supporting you on this sometimes complex and overwhelming journey making it a fun, inspiring and informative experience along the way.

The studio also offers digital resources and toolkits all ready to download to help you develop your very own clothing line! My new product “How to Develop a Clothing Line” has just launched and is the perfect mix of informative ‘How to’ and creative planner. Take a look right here.

Andree was a real joy to work with. Very experienced and knowledgeable. Andree kept to the agreed deadlines and the quality of her work is superb. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks Andree.

Cailean Murphy “Maison Boch” UK/FR

Book in for a discovery call. We can go over your project, see how I can support you and if we’re a good fit and take it from there!