Premium Project Management

Producing a collection takes meticulous planning, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and a huge commitment. There is so much to think about and you have to be on it and available throughout the process, so let us help you! There are lots of manufacturing options and it can feel confusing and overwhelming especially if you have never done this before. Acting as project manager, I will use my years of manufacturing, design knowledge and contacts to work through the key stages in the sourcing and manufacturing process. This is high-touch support and will see us working closely together.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Now that you have your designs, you need to get them made. With so many options available to you and not really knowing which solution is best, it can be a daunting task. This is where I come in.

I can help you with:

  • Assistance finding the perfect manufacturing partner for you whether that be local or offshore
  • Fabric/trims sourcing and supplier liaison
  • Factory support and liaison, breaking down costings, moq’s, timeframes, critical paths etc…
  • Range plan and critical path documents
  • Sample management (getting your sample perfect may take more than one round of sampling which is something I ask all my clients to bear in mind)
  • Fitting management

I will hold Initial conversations with suppliers to discuss business practices, minimum order quantities & quotes. Together, we will then choose the best fit for you from the suppliers and factories contacted and get the first samples made. We will hold a fitting for the samples and I will send all sample comments ready for the bulk production to commence.

Production management

Now that you have your perfect sample, it is time to move on to bulk production. This is the last stage before your product is ready to be commercialised and needs to be handled with care so that every one of your bulk samples is sent in perfect condition and ready to be sold.

  • Factory support and liaison for the bulk production
  • Email communication and troubleshooting with the factory and suppliers
  • project managing and coordination between suppliers and factory
  • overseeing size sets, pre-production and top-of-production samples
  • Weekly updates with suppliers and factories to ensure timelines are being adhered to and to keep them accountable
  • Quality control of samples with the manufacturer
  • Shipping (what kind, CIF or FOB? any customs costs, VAT…)
  • My full support and dedication for the duration of your project

A bespoke proposal will be made which will include final prices and timelines. As everyone’s needs are different, the proposal will be tailored depending on your individual requirements along with the number of products to be managed. If, after reviewing the proposal, you decide to go ahead we will get you booked in and start on the good stuff!

Please get in touch to book your complimentary, 20-minute discovery call.