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The Storm before the Storm…

Hi there. Well, this post was meant to be part II of the studio tour but the best laid plans and all that. What happened was…things started to get a little crazy. Not one, but quite a few, out of the blue happenings totally changed the course of the last few weeks. It all started out as planned. Marketing the brand on social media before the new spring designs where put in store, working on ongoing custom orders, sourcing fabrics.

Flat lay, styling photo shoot…Never knowingly without 3 stripes on my feet 😉
I love seeing the shoot laid bare in its most unglamourous light…
And after a teeny bit of tweaking…Ta Dah!!
Before (obvs)
After a good tweak. Think you get the picture now no?

I also gave a bag decorating workshop in a local boutique. I love getting involved in the local community. It isn’t always easy being an alien in the French Basque Country (especially an alien who works in fashion) but the more you interact, the more you find yourself to be accepted and welcomed in but you will always be a bit of a freak novelty and that’s o.k…

figuring it out
Another approach
All the colours…


What I love about teaching, is seeing the different approaches and results from each student. It was such a simple technique and yet the outcome was so unique and creative.

Then came the phonecall inviting us to take part in an art, fashion and beauty showcase in London for Favotell London. We participate in various events throughout the year both over here and in the U.K but these are usually planned and worked towards well in advance. This one came to light just 3 weeks before the actual event. Yep. Nuts. Of course we accepted and then it was all hands on deck to get 3 looks ready to be shipped out last Thursday so 2 weeks to get everything ready. I do love a challenge and I do like a bit of out of the blue but this was pretty crazy. Being a bespoke brand, we wanted to send 3 outfits worked especially for this event rather than dipping into the ready-to-wear. I know, how to make things easy for yourself part I!!

I knew something had to be made in this beautiful vintage barkcloth. It just cries out SPRING!
Our signature pop of colour. You don’t work in the sports world for as long as I did without some of the design codes rubbing off on you and I love how the lime green zip contrasts with the prettiness of the fabric.
The finished design. What do you think? I think she is ready to slay any spring wedding or garden party or festival or…
I also knew we had to show this fabric. It is simply stunning and vintage boldness at its best. It lends itself perfectly to full skirts. A piece of wearable art.
This high waisted skirt only needed the simplest of tops and we had this bright yellow deadstock crepe in the studio which goes perfectly with the skirt.
The third outfit is the mid century fabric jumpsuit which you saw earlier in the post and is just a great design and amazing fabric combo. The three outfits look totally different from each other because of their fabrics and yet sit so well together as a mini collection as they all have the same design aesthetic.

Needless to say we got it all done and the outfits are now safely in the hands of Favotell. We will be leaving for London tomorrow, the event is on Thursday so follow our instagram feed as we will be doing a ‘mini reportage’ (as they say round these parts) of our 3 days and bien sûr blog post to follow. I am getting my networking head on (not the head I’m the best with but when you’re a small business owner, you need a lot of different heads!) Wish us luck my loves and the first spring items will be in store next week. I PROMISE!!