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Favotell networking night-Tramps London or how to miss your own party…


We were recently asked to participate in an event hosted by those lovely people at Favotell London in the uber glamourous Tramps in Mayfair, London. Favotell is a PR company who help promote emerging fashion brands and artists and having worked with them previously on an interview for their Q&A blog, it took maybe a few seconds to know I would take them up on their offer.

It was to be an evening to present a handful of fashion, art and beauty brands to some of the industries insiders including buyers, journalists, influencers, designers and magazines in an absolutely gorgeous setting. A great opportunity for the brand and a fabulous excuse to take the trip to London from my now home over here in France. We decided to create some bespoke pieces especially for the event as even though we have a, small but perfectly formed, ready to wear range we also specialise in bespoke custom orders. So a few weeks before, it was all hands on deck to prepare the three chosen outfits for the event and get them shipped over to London so Favotell could work with the pieces before shipping ourselves over the eve of the BIG DAY.

HA! As they say, the best laid plans, mice, men etc…. Everything was going to plan, the pieces were shipped over, press releases were devised and sent to the printers, all was going well. Then less than 24 hours before we were supposed to leave I received alerts by text, email, carrier pigeon that the #*@@%,!!! lovely French air traffic controllers were on strike and our plane was cancelled. I calmly searched for solutions as did every other stranded person in France needing a flight out to somewhere. I tried over the Spanish border as we regularly do but nothing available. NOTHING. By now panic and disappointment had set in as I called around notifying people of changes, re-organising workshops and cancelling sitters (because the organisation for the husband and I to go anywhere without the kiddos when they have a gazillion extra curriculars each not including school, leaving the brand, organising the cat… is quite tremedous).

Luckily for me, the brand was in excellent hands. I had decided, in a timely moment of clarity, to have the press releases sent straight to the UK which were waiting patiently in my cousins London flat for me. Or actually now, for him, because he had a mission to get them to Mayfair before the event started and then turn up on the night and have fun while keeping an eye on the brand. His name was already on the guest list so this was all good. He did a marvelous job and truly saved my bacon. Christine-my contact at Favotell-was bloody brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble and she stood in, sorted out my model, got the pieces looking great at the event and did the brand presentation for me after a long telephone meeting whereby I waffled on about the ethos of the brand. Her version was succint and on point. A total star and I am very grateful to her.

Our beautiful model wearing our playful playsuit in a rare mid-century fabric.


A guest having a good look at the other collection pieces

The evening was a success and everyone was happy apart from the husband and I who had to make do with frequent updates from the cousin whilst sitting at home like big ol party poopers and NOT drinking cocktails in London. From the feedback I have had ‘the people’ took to the collection, the brand ethos and want to see more! We will be building on this and have been invited to take part in their summer event. I will be double booking planes, trains, boats, whatever it takes to make sure I am there next time. Thank you good people of Favotell for taking care of the baby. xx