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Studio Tour and a bit about what we do. Part 1.

Hey there chickaDees! Following on from my last post which was already two weeks ago (how did that happen??) I thought I’d show you a little bit of a behind the scenes of where it all go’s on. I say it all, but it’s really the designing, computer work, sample and bespoke making, photo editing, blog writing, website maintaining… which is quite a lot really but then the other half of the time I can be in meetings, going to see a client, giving a workshop, photo shoot styling, event managing, out and about skiving getting inspiration. You know, the kind of things that just don’t happen sitting behind a desk or a sewing machine which is a blessing otherwise I do have a tendency to lock myself away and forget about the existence of everything time which is unfortunate if there is a little chickaDee to pick up from school and deposit elsewhere or a lunch in the sun that needs to be attended but I digress…

So, here is said desk

You can’t see the desk for the post its…

What do you mean it’s messy? I tidied it especially for you! My inspiration board is just that, inspiration and has all kinds of weird and wonderful things pinned to it-even my kids. The board you can’t see to the left is where all the serious stuff is kept. Lists, invoices, urgent matters. You so don’t want to see all that.

A rare tidy moment to be cherished. The sample table.
Bare walls were made for sticking sketches to.
Sampling to the sounds of radio 1 (don’t judge me)


This side of the room houses samples, more inspiration, mood, trend boards and small supplies. Open the gorgeous blue cupboard at your own risk, you may be pelted with an explosion of ribbon, buttons, zips, hot glue guns, staple guns OH MY. You have been warned.

A little bit of loveliness. I am obsessed with colour and cameras but that’s a story for another post…

I haven’t shown you the fabric stock as it’s a mess? that would just be too much lovely for one day and I’m afraid your eyes couldn’t take it so lets keep that for part 2 along with some of our beautiful bespoke makes and process.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading, I’ll be back soon. xx