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How to Develop a Clothing Line. Design, Development, Production. Workbook launch!

Have you been trying to set up your fashion/accessory/creative product brand but just don’t know where to start and investing in a mentor/consultant isn’t on the cards for now?

Well…. I’ve created something to help you figure out all the main steps in clothing design & development (but this system can be used for accessories and other creative products), how to design a successful collection and plan your development and production.

Everything I have learnt over the last 15+ years is in here but in a succinct and easy to follow way that isn’t going to make your brain burst because nobody wants that. No fancy jargon (and if there is, it’s thoroughly explained).

It has all the essential information to manage your own collection development or know enough to be able to follow your project manager and make informed decisions.
There is also space for reflecting, brainstorming, sketching, noting, planning along with links directly to helpful resources and a Facebook group where you can ask me any questions relating to the workbook and your collection development. I know!!

This is the perfect framework for startups and brands looking to scale. Knowing the steps from design to production will work to your advantage and make communication a lot easier and this book will be your best friend and go-to reference throughout the process.

It’s like having me in your back pocket, consulting, questioning, advising and cheering you on all the way and it launches this Friday, February 25th! As a thank you for being here I wanted to give you, my faves, something extra. So for a limited time, a discount code is available when you sign up to the waitlist. Once you’ve signed up, I’ll send the code straight to you.

This has been in my head for so long and morphed from online course to e-book to having a lightbulb moment and creating this workbook for you to learn, create, develop and plan. You can refer back to it whenever you need to and keep yourself on track.

I would love for you to share the news with anyone you think can benefit from it. I just know how much of a difference it could make and take you from confused and overwhelmed to super clear and confident of your next steps.

Can’t wait for you to see it!

Speak soon, Deedee xx