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Work from home fashion (no leggings allowed!)

Times are so uncertain and there is a lot to take onboard with many reasons to feel anxious in the current climate. There are, however, many online resources to help you with this and I really do urge you to seek them out if you need to regain a sense of perspective or be reassured. I am not qualified to help you in that respect but send you much love and positive vibes anyway.

I am, however, pretty qualified to help with the current situation many people have found themselves in, and that is working from home and how to dress for that!

Working from home is already a study in self discipline. Having structure to your day is so important so as not to drift, procrastinate, get distracted and before you know it, it’s 5.30 and all you have done is watch endless videos of cute animals on insta, prepared an elaborate (but highly unnecessary) lunch, refreshed twitter at least 86 times just in case of an update and watered your plants. Again.

One of the easiest ways to put you in the correct mind set for work is to get dressed. I know, it sounds so simple but there are many who roll out of bed and stay in their pj’s all. Day. Long. I’m sorry but this is not conducive with a productive day. Obviously you can do this and who am I to judge- you do you-but if you want to really feel like you’re on top of things, I suggest dressing for the occasion.

What you are going for above all else is comfort but if that comfort can also be stylish you will feel a whole lot better I promise. I myself work mostly from my home studio and I am very much in the business of fashion, so in a bid to be helpful, light hearted and take out some of the daily stresses we are all dealing with now, here is a round up of some of my favourite wfh pieces.

Jumpsuits and dungarees

I love an all in one! They are comfortably casual and don’t take as much brain power as choosing separates yet hold their own if you need to jump on a video call with your boss or client. Obviously to score high in the comfort stakes, they need to be quite roomy but the choice is vast from minimalist utility styles to more fashion forward, colourful versions.

Dad jeans

Mum jeans are good, dad jeans are better. Remember we’re talking wfh fashion. Dad jeans are high on rise, comfort and leg room.


A big chunky cardigan is the ultimate wfh item. Maybe not your old favourite which is more bobbles than wool but allow yourself to wear your best one. Just because no one will see it doesn’t mean you won’t feel the benefit of A, being snug and B, feeling office ready.


For want of a better word. Sweat pant conjurs up all kinds of slobbyness but that doesn’t have to be the case. The humble sweatpant has come a long way in recent years and is now a fashion basic staple. They can even be worn with a more structured blouse to regain some kind of balance but equally, a beautiful chunky cardigan or cosy tee will look great.

And who says sweat pant, also says sweat shirt.

Yep, I admit, a great sweatshirt or hoodie will stand you in good stead. They are just so easy to throw on. I wouldn’t advise taking video calls in one, especially if your usual environment is more corporate, but they are much loved and much cosy. Try a nod to the nineties with the Sherpa kind for added strokable value or an ontrend dip dye.

Robes etc…

Now, I know I said not to wear your pyjamas all day and I stand by that. BUT robes, kaftans, smoking jackets, kimonos… are different. This is not something you have slept in all night and then gone on to wear all day. You have changed into this after having showered (side note, please shower, you’ll feel and smell so much better I promise). And what you wear underneath can vary from loungewear to pyjamas (as long as they are highly stylish) jeans, joggers….


Because shoes indoors is just weird.

And that’s about it. Obviously this round up can be adapted to suit, accessorised or completely ignored (at your own peril!! 😉 )  but I promise you will feel all the better for making that little effort to get up and get ready for the day. And if you don’t, feel free to comment with why we should stay in our pj’s all day whilst eating crisps and watching reruns of Breaking Bad (which actually sounds quite fun but NO!)

Speak soon and stay safe you lovely humans. Deedee xx