These 60-minute strategy sessions via video call are an opportunity to pick the brain of a professional and are designed to help you with a specific issue at whatever stage of the process you are at. Whether you are just starting out in your clothing brand career or are already an up-and-running entrepreneur, you may have a few questions and know that an hour of an expert’s time will help you in finding the solution. During our session we can brainstorm, reflect and I will advise and give clarity to your ideas and next steps. Just some of the ways (but not all) in which I can help are:

  • Brand values
  • Design and research
  • Customer avatars
  • Range reviews
  • Range planning
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Quantities and costing
  • Manufacturing
  • Fitting review
  • Production management
  • Factory/supplier quote review
  • Timeframes, critical path and goal setting

At the end of our call, you will feel informed, excited and have actionable steps to put into practice. My aim is to give you the specific knowledge and confidence to move forward with your vision without feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do.

What I need from you:

Before the call, I will ask you to send over a mail stating the key areas you would like help with during our call. Remember this is a one-off, 1-hour call. An hour can go by quickly so it may not be possible to cover all of your queries. Try to be specific and choose the area/s that you need the most help with. If you have a lot of questions or want to go really in-depth, I suggest you take a look at my half-day intensive, deep-dive call which not only offers more time but also a google doc of the key points, a recording of the call for you to refer back to and email support during 5 days after the call.

Please note, ‘the mini’ does not include a recording or follow-up documentation. It is offered as one per client not intended as a long-term or high-touch solution.

Investment: £150/€175