The Maxi really gets to the heart of the subject matter. Running your own fashion brand is amazing but trying to juggle all the parts can be overwhelming. This programme includes weekly 1 on 1 calls for a period of 8 weeks minimum. This package is for you if you want ongoing support to fully commit to your fashion brand dream whether you are pre-launch, newly launched or already established but want to change direction or scale-up. During 8 weeks (minimum), not only will you receive the 360° support and guidance of a fashion industry expert but I will make this a fun and inspiring process leaving you confident and with invaluable knowledge going forward.


  • Initial 45 minute kick off call
  • Weekly, 45 minute, mentoring calls (8 calls) for strategy direction and accountability with concrete actions for your next steps. We will go over the stage you are at, brainstorm ideas and find solutions for moving forward.
  • Recording of each session
  • Weekly voice note and email support between Monday-Friday (business hours) to answer your questions with Monday morning check ins from me
  • Goal setting and actionable tips to see them through
  • My full support and positive energy during our time working together

Together we will go through your issues, highlighting the key areas of attention and discuss how to get you moving forward with immediately actionable steps. I will use my years of creative and technical experience and knowledge, give clear and honest direction and cheerlead you every step of the way. For 8 weeks minimum, I will be the plus 1 you can call upon for advice, brainstorming and support.

Before we start working together, I will send over an enquiries form with a few simple questions to understand your needs during our 6 weeks together.

Investment: £950/€1140

For 8 weeks (can be broken down into 2 payments of £475/€570. First payment when booking and the next 4 weeks later) If more time is needed working, together, this can be discussed beforehand.

This programme really needs your full commitment and investment in your brand. I will give you all of the advice, support and accountability and in return, you must be willing to implement it within an agreed timeframe. This is how we will begin to see results.

If you need more time together, we can work out a bespoke solution just for you.