So proud to be able to bring my toolkit to you budding fashion entrepreneurs! This toolkit is perfect for Fashion professionals and students alike who, for whatever reason, have decided to DIY their tech packs instead of hiring a designer to create them.

I have created a comprehensive tech pack template package, with the aim of eliminating the guesswork for your manufacturer, avoid expensive mistakes, reducing your sampling costs and ultimately increase your speed to market! This is the same document I use when developing for clients making the information clear and efficient for any factory to follow.

The kit includes all the elements needed to create a complete and concise tech pack to get your designs from your head, through to first sample and onto production. 

It incorporates a very detailed, step by step user manual with examples and dummy info designed to show you exactly how to fill in the templates. Not only that, it also helps you to understand what information is needed to complete your tech pack thus informing your fashion journey even more.

This toolkit includes:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Call out/Construction sheet
  • Colourways sheet
  • Size spec (POM)
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • BONUS FILE 1st proto comments sheet
  • User manual giving detailed explanations on how to use and fill in each sheet


The templates have been created in Microsoft Excel and a basic knowledge of excel by you or someone on your team will be required. Please note I do not offer technical support on excel but I have included basic tips throughout the document to guide you.

These templates can be used time and time again making this a very cost-effective way to create your tech packs. Remember to save each document separately and for a very affordable sum, you can reuse your templates each season.

Investment: £24