Design, Development & Consulting

How can I help you?

  • Do you dream of starting your fashion label but don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you hesitant because you don’t have a fashion background and are unsure of the steps you need to take?
  • Do you have the ideas but don’t know how to translate them into workable designs?
  • Do you need assistance in building a coherent range with a solid pricing structure?
  • Have you started your brand, launched a collection, but are not sure of where to go next?

Maybe it’s all of these or none of these but you’re losing motivation and need help now!

Starting a fashion brand can throw up a whole host of questions and dare I say, problems. Whether you need help with your creative journey and putting your design ideas into action through mood boards, design input, range planning… To knowing exactly what you want but need help with the technical aspects of fashion CADS, tech packs, size specs. Or then again, maybe you need advice and mentoring on how to get your collection manufactured, which fabrics to use, what to include in your collection… I offer a whole host of design, development and consultancy services suited to your needs and budget. Get in touch via the contact form or at deedee@thehouseofchickadee to discuss your fashion project and put together a bespoke package which will be perfect for you.

Consulting & Mentoring

Mentoring and consultation sessions are private meetings via video, audio call or face-to-face if possible! They are designed specifically to your needs and are a great way to guide you in the right direction, bounce around ideas, come up with strategies and get honest and expert feedback. Topics can include but are in no way limited to:

  • Brand identity. Do you have a strong story, know why you are doing this, know who you are targeting and your brand positioning
  • Starting your fashion brand- where to start and all the stages through to production. I will give you actionable steps to take to get you through the process and bring clarity to your ideas
  • Tech packs and development. What they are, why you need one and the stages to first sample
  • Collection planning-how to create a balanced range
  • Range reviews and advice
  • Working with factories/suppliers and how to approach them
  • Quantities and costing
  • Sample fittings and measuring
  • Fabric and trims advice
  • Which countries/suppliers are best adapted to your specific product category

Whatever stage you are at with your business, it’s good to talk your concerns through and bounce ideas around and with my 15+ years in the business, I promise I will give you complete and expert advice.

You can find a selection of my best selling offers and prices here

Design & Trend Direction

If you need design input and inspiration, I can help you with the following:

  • Moodboards and trend research
  • Design direction
  • Collection planning
  • Fabric choice
  • Garment/accessory design
  • Colour palette creation

There is no minimum to the number of designs or amount of input. We can work together to create a bespoke service for you.

You can find a selection of my best selling offers and prices here

Technical Design & Product Development

technical fashion cad

If you already have your ideas but need help taking them through to production, I can help you with the following:

  • Technical fashion flats of your designs prepared to industry standard
  • Colour cads of all colourways for each design
  • Tech packs ready to send to your factory for sampling
  • Line sheets/Range plans
  • Size specs graded in your required sizes
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Product development
  • Factory sourcing assistance
  • Factory liaising

I have produced hundreds of styles for start-up and established brands and would love to help you go from the initial idea right through to production.

You can find a selection of my best selling offers and prices here