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VayCay in the Hometown

Vaycay in the homeland
Albert Docks

I am recently back from a visit to the beloved island and hometown of Liverpool-actually the family home is a short train ride outside of Liverpool in the greener West Lancs suburbs but we are a Liverpool family born and bred even if we have moved farther afield, a whole different country in my case. I take the kiddos over every summer, stay with them a week or so and then hotfoot it back to SW France while leaving the kiddos to continue the holiday with the folks, siblings and all their lovely cousins for a further few weeks. It is the ideal set up even if I wish I could stay on longer but this ole House of chickaDee isn’t going to run itself!

Andree Girard-Kemp founder at The House of chickaDee

Whenever I’m home, I always cram as much into the visit as possible but this time was even busier than usual as we were also celebrating my Dads Birthday-and it was a special one! This meant a house party for all his nearest and dearest relatives and friends. My sister decorated the house, Dad decorated the garden and Mum and I got busy with the catering. I arrived at 2am on the Saturday morning after plane delays and by 10am I was making chilli con carne and chicken curry! That’s the great thing about families, you get on and pitch in and I was so happy to do so as I often miss the special occasions from not living close by. The party was a big hit, we all let our hair down and that’s pretty much all I’m willing to say on the matter 😉

Best bar staff money couldn’t buy
They did make a lot of tips though…

I could go on and on and bore delight you with all of the party pics (from the most lovely to when everyone had had a skinful few sherries at the end of the night) and introduce you to the whole family-and I nearly did- but lets not go there hey.

Once the party was over and the Sunday was spent recovering relaxing it was time to visit the old stomping ground. Not boasting or anything (yes I am) but I am fortunate to have visited many, many cities all over the world. Mainly through my work as a fashion designer. From Berlin to New York, London to Bangkok, Hong Kong to Barcelona, Seoul to Copenhagen…you get the picture…and I have to say that Liverpool is my very, very favourite-and yes, that’s a totally unbiased opinion. It has EVERYTHING you could ever want in a city. Historic monuments, open park space, art, culture and theatres, music on every street corner, THE best clubs, bars and restaurants and of course, the fashion. Oh. The. Fashion.

Liverpool waterfront

wheel of liverpool
Wheel of Liverpool
Liverpool waterfront
Liverpool waterfront
Ships ahoy!
Liverpool 1
It is always Pimms o’clock
Urban outfitters Liverpool 1
Fashion fix in Urban Outfitters
Plants in toilets
This is actually in a shared alley by my sister in laws house. If only I had a spare loo or two…

The lovely towns surrounding Liverpool where also duly visited…

The house of chickadee at Miyagis restaurant
Miyagi restaurant, Ormskirk
The house of chickadee at Miyagi restaurant, Ormskirk
Just some of the yummy pan asian tapas on offer


My favourite Southport street

And pretty much the rest of the time was spent enjoying the company of my gorgeous family. It’s what it’s all about really isn’t it?

Seriously, if you ever get the chance to visit Liverpool it will be time well spent. You can’t visit my family though. Although if you really want to I could ask!

What is your favourite city? xxx