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Hello Hello!

Well it’s about time I got round to starting this blog! For some time now I have wanted a home for all things ‘The House of chickaDee’. A roof for our various shops, pages and social media shenanigans updates, so that you can find everything easily without having to hop from one site to another because, seriously, who has time for that??

So, (drum roll please….) WELCOME to our new wordpress site. All the pages to do with the design studio can be found just above, at the top of the page and with a click of a button you will be magicked to to your preferred destiny (I know, technology, it’s the biz). Everything is clearly  marked so you know exactly where you are going to. These headings will be added to so watch this space. Here on the home/blog page we will be giving all of the studio news, shop updates, local events, far away events, workshops…. OH MY!

But that’s not all. I will be sharing insights into life behind owning a creative, fashion design studio, my love of said fashion, vintage, crafting. Raising a family and living a life in a country that is not my own but has become very special to me and the fabulous people I have met along the way-both locals and fellow ex-pats-and pretty much anything else I hold dear in my heart really. It’s not all fun and games but it is never, and I mean never, dull.

For those who haven’t been following our pages, let me introduce myself. My name is Deedee and I am the founder and creative director of The House of chickaDee, a design studio englobing a womens clothing range using vintage and deadstock fabrics, fashion consultation work and creative workshops (get me). I am originally from a smallish town called Ormskirk not very far away from my beloved Liverpool and one day in the stoneage not so long ago, whilst obtaining my degree in fashion design, I met and eventually married a French/Basque man and voila! I now live in the beautiful SW France AKA The Basque Country with said man, our 2 kiddos and our cat. Mountains to our left, ocean to our right and Spain slap bang in front of us.

So this is me…Hey there.


And this is my gang on a road trip through Galicia last summer (we do enjoy a road trip… and ice cream).


And this is our gang leader. Stevie. Never knowingly unhandsome…


So that’s us and that’s me. Now that the introductions are out of the way, in the next posts we can get down to the real business. Why not leave me a comment and introduce yourself? I would LOVE to hear all about you because I am naturally extremely nosey curious. Speak soon xxx